Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Shirdi Sai

*SHRADDHA                                     SABURI*

*My eye is ever on those who love me.*

Shri Jahangir Framji Daruwala served as a Captain. During the
Russo-Japansese war, when his steamers except three were sunk by the
enemies and that the rest of the three steamers including his own would
soon meet the same fate. He took out Baba's photo from his pocket and with
tears in his eyes prayed to Baba to save him and his three ships. Baba at
once appeared on the scene and towed all the sinking steamers to the bank.

Just at the same time when his devotees were offering up his prayers in
Dhwarakamai, Baba balled out and then seated as He was in his usual place
in the Dhwarakamai. He had his Kafni and head cloth completely drenched
dripping with water more than half an hour, with the result that the
Dhwarakamai trans­formed into a pool of water. The devotees in Dhwarakamai
simply removed water and dried Baba's clothes.

On the third day after this inci­dence, Baba received a telegram from
Jahangir narrating how Baba had saved him and offering Him a thousand
thanks for His marvelous Leela and rescue of himself and the three steamers
with passengers.

Immediately on his return to India, he came and paid his respects to Baba
He had retired now from his ser­vice. But in appreciation of his services,
the Govern­ment had provided him with job. He has taken keen interest in
Baba's affairs.

Lately he donated about two thousand and two hundred rupees in two
installments and got the Mantapam of Dhwarakamai repaired to his

*Experience Of Sai Devotees:*

Om Sai Ram, First of all, sorry Baba for posting my experience so late.
Ever since when I was doing my BE, I had always wanted to do my MS. But due
to something or the other  i couldn't prepare for my GRE. A year back, I
gave my GRE exams, but by then the universities were almost closing in on
the deadlines. I was apprehensive whether I would get a seat in a good
university and prayed to BABA that i want to do my MS very badly.  By
Baba's grace, I got selected  into 3 good universities. At the same time,
there was another good thing happening in my life. My parents found me a
suitable groom and I also really liked the boy, moreover a Baba devotee .
But, I was again worried whether i will be able to do my master's . I
prayed to Baba that I will be posting my experience if everything goes
As one yearns for Baba's grace , He never leaves the devotee in darkness.
So was in my case, I got married to the boy i liked  and at the same time,
I am also doing my MS. Thank you Sai Baba, this would never  happened
without your grace and blessings. I will be writing my semester exams
tomorrow which is a Thursday. Please bless me.  Continue to shower your
blessings on your devotees O Sainath! We are ever grateful to you.
Om Sai Ram!

I am here again to share baba's miracle, last week my daughter was not
keeping well and  we rushed to hospital but unfortunately we could not get
the same doctor. So, we were forced to visit some other doctor and he
refused to give any medicine and said she will be alright by two days and
nothing to panic. We were happy and went back to home but all of a sudden
my daughter started vomitings and was suffering from dehydration . My
husband immediately called to the hospital and explained the same, but
doctor was so reluctant and simply said it happens due to weather change
dont worry. Then immediately i prayed baba and i promised baby that i will
post my experience once my daughter is fine. My husband some how traced out
the doctor who was looking at my daughter case since day one and immeditely
we have rushed to that hospital and when i looked at him, i can only see
baba in him, he reviewed my daughter  and suggested for anti-biotic. This
was her first anti-biotic since her birth and we were still ok with it as
we could not see her situation. By baba's grace and blessing within two
days my daughter recovered and she was back to her normal activities. Thank
you baba...... We love you.
Sai Devotee,

*Om Sai Ram!!!*
*I have to take care of my children day and night and give an account to
God of every paisa.
The wise are cheerful and content with their lot in life. *

*!!! Bow To Shri Sai - Peace Be To All !!!*

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